Kotori Habane

“I’ve figured it out. The sky hasn’t grown further away... it’s grown larger.”

A beautiful girl with long, black hair.
While she had lost function in her legs in an accident, surgery has allowed her to walk again using a cane with little to no difficulty.
She uses a combination of her cane and a wheelchair for everyday activities.

While she may look somewhat delicate and neat, she speaks confidently and with passion. She’s also quite the crybaby.

As head of the Soaring Club, she spends her busy yet fun-filled days continuing to create new legends.

Kotori Habane

Amane Mochizuki

“Back then it was just you and me.
But now we have all these friends.”

A genius rumored to have been at school for many years.

Currently acting as an inventor, she creates extremely handy items, and some that aren’t so useful as well. Former head of the Soaring Club.

Extremely brilliant, she’s proficient at everything she tries except for practical day to day skills and staying organized.
She’s tall and curvy, and is very attractive.
As long as she’s quiet, she’s seems really kind and gentle, but she’s actually somewhat of an airhead once you get to know her.

Amane Mochizuki

Ageha Himegi

“When I see someone being passionate, I get passionate.
Like ‘I’m gonna get this thing to fly no matter what!’”

A childhood friend of Aoi’s, and Kotori’s best friend.
She used to be tomboyish and a bit rough, but now that she’s taken an interest in fashion, she’s more coquettish and friendly. She also has surprisingly big breasts.

Aoi, Ageha, Hotaru, Masatsugu, and Tatsuya are all childhood friends.

Since she’s very good with her hands, she takes on most of the Soaring Club’s repair duties. She’s a good girl who is very reliable.

Ageha Himegi

Hotaru Himegi

“Uh, um, yeah, OK, I... I’m not even a club member, so...”

A childhood friend of Aoi’s, and Ageha’s younger sister.
As her dainty and shrinking-violet looks imply, she’s a somewhat nervous girl.
But she’s also really solid and reliable, or so her friends will tell you.

When she was small, she was like the little sister in her group of friends.
She has strong feelings for Aoi, but avoids acting on them for the sake of her older sister.

Generally quite passive, she isn’t very good at making decisions on her own.

Hotaru Himegi

Kanako Shigure

“I always loved watching Aoi and everyone fly from here.”

A glamorous and alluring girl.
She’s straightforward and friendly, and has no problem at all with dirty jokes.

While she may seem unable to read the room, she’s the type who secretly attempts to help out and is actually more perceptive than others. She offers advice without getting too nosey or intruding on your personal space.

Her only real faults are she sometimes forgets to wear clothes and can be somewhat fickle.

Kanako Shigure

Asa Kazato

“In that case, I’d like to get in on that plan.”

The older of identical twin sisters, she’s extremely similar to her sister.

A bright and pleasant girl, she’s a bit clumsy and has her head in the clouds, but that’s part of her appeal.
Able to be make friends with anyone, she’s something like the glue holding her group of friends together.
She’s sort of like their pet.

She provides a facility owned by her grandfather as a garage for their glider.

Asa Kazato

Yoru Kazato

“I’m not gonna do that. It’s a hassle.”

The younger of twin sisters.
Her grandfather is the board chairman of the school Aoi & co. attend.

She can be apathetic and somewhat nihilistic. With her cool and aloof personality, she doesn’t make much effort to get close to others, but she’s very close with her sister Asa.
Even so, her interests and preferences are in stark contrast to those of Asa.

She’s clever and hates anything that seems pointless, and was at first against participating in the Soaring Club, but her way of thinking has recently started to change gradually.

Yoru Kazato

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